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Top Strategies

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What is the best way to invest on Trading Strategies?

Use demo account first
Watch the strategies at least 3-6 months
Withdraw profit periodically
Set equity stop-loss to at least 50%

Top Features

Copy Trading

Duplicate trading positions into multiple accounts. Maximize your profits.
Prop Trading

Trade our capital to share the profits. Your expertise, your rewards.
Bot Trading

Follow 24/7 signals and patterns. Auto trading by bots.

What is Copy Trading?

Just few clicks to setup, you can clone your positions to multiple accounts on different exchanges and brokers

100% free for demo accounts


How to setup Copy Trading?

1. Open a Parent Account
2. Open a Child Account
3. Click the button on the Parent Account page
4. Select the Child Account to copy all positions of the Parent Account

What is Prop Trading?

Use our capital (loss is covered)
Trade with your preferred account
Receive profit share up to 90%

100% free for demo plans

How to trade our capital?

What is Bot Trading?

Receive notifications via mobile and social network apps
Select bots for auto trading


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