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What is the historical performance and track record of your copy trading strategies?
Our copy trading strategies have consistently delivered strong performance over the years. We have achieved an average annual return of 2% monthly and 24% annually based on historical data. The verified records of our past trades and results can be found at MyFxBook and CTrader.
How about risk management in your copy trading strategies?
Risk management is a top priority for us. We implement strict risk management protocols, including the use of stop-loss orders to limit potential losses. Our strategies also take into account appropriate position sizing and diversification to manage risk effectively.
What is your trading approach and methodology?
Our trading approach combines technical and fundamental analysis to identify potential trading opportunities. We consider factors such as market trends, support and resistance levels, and economic indicators to make informed trading decisions. Our strategies are adaptable to different market conditions, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness.
How about transparency and communication?
We maintain regular communication with our clients, providing updates on trades and strategy performance. Clients can access a user-friendly platform that displays real-time information about executed trades, including entry and exit points, profit/loss figures, and associated fees. We also provide comprehensive reports and statements on a periodic basis
What are the fees associated with using your copy trading service? Any additional costs?
Our fee structure is based on a percentage of the invested profit, ensuring that our interests are aligned with our clients' success. There are no additional costs such as management fees. We believe in a transparent fee policy that is fair and competitive within the industry.
Can I customize or modify the copy trading strategies?
Our trade selection process is rigorous, combining technical and fundamental analysis to identify high-probability trades. We have established strict criteria to maintain the effectiveness of our strategies. To achieve consistent results, we recommend following our predefined strategies without modifications. Our expertise and experience contribute to the potential for success in your investments.
Do you provide customer support and assistance services?
We prioritize exceptional customer support. Our dedicated support team is available to address any queries or concerns that investors may have. Investors can reach out to us through various channels; including email: [email protected] or our social media, and we'll strive to provide prompt responses within a reasonable timeframe. Additionally, we offer educational resources and materials to help investors understand the copy-trading process and make informed decisions.

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